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Is it Okay to Share Personal Stories Online?

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I have always had a desire to start a blog as a platform to express my thoughts and opinions. In April 2021, I finally created my own website. I wrote numerous drafts of articles that I intended to publish, but I never ended up posting most of them. I even unpublished some of them.

I reached a point where I began questioning whether I should share personal experiences as they may come across as being too self-centered. So I considered writing blog posts that offer helpful tips or guides on specific topics that my readers may be interested in.

I ended up not writing much because I was unsure about which topics to share with others. I often overthought whether people were even reading what I wrote, and if they were, what were their thoughts about it. I worried about what they might say about me.

I once spoke to a copywriter who advised me not to make my blog too personal as people may not find it interesting. However, others suggest that sharing personal experiences can help readers relate to the content. I was in the middle of the road, not sure which way to go.

I was coaching someone who was also writing an article that she wanted to share online. However, she felt uncomfortable doing so because the story was very personal to her. She had written it in a vulnerable way and was afraid of being judged by others.  

She knows that it’s very important for her to share that story, yet monkey mind thoughts are telling her that people will have different opinions about it. We explored further what she’s experiencing and what worries her the most.

After observing that those were just her thoughts that were stopping her, she found a relief knowing that she could do it, that she could share what she had written. She’s also willing to show up as her authentic self to be able to do that. She’s starting with a small step that would make her feel accomplished for doing so.

Then I thought, there were also a lot of times when I hesitated to share what I’ve written with others because I worried about their opinions.

I decided to have a chat with a friend who’s excelling in marketing her services because I'm amazed by her success.

She shared with me that she began writing blogs based on her own experiences, which many people could relate to. She believes that being vulnerable is a sign of strength, and readers could feel that too. By consistently sharing her stories, she was able to connect with her audience on a deeper level. Additionally, she started conducting webinars to talk about her journey and how she achieved her goals.

That was truly inspiring! 

So I thought, there’s no need for me to hesitate. I can express myself through writing. I don’t need to follow the templates on how my article should be written.

I have been watching a series as well where the main character was a columnist. I found it powerful to share your thoughts based on what you truly experienced and felt.

I’m still exploring. I think the best way for me to move forward is to keep writing and feel comfortable publishing my work. 

We learn more from practice. If we keep doing it, we get good at it over time.

Stop worrying about how others would perceive what you’ve written.

The people who care will read them and connect with you. This is also a reminder for me to keep doing what I'm doing. This will also be a way for me to grow as a writer.

It’s okay if it’s not perfect.

It's okay to be vulnerable.

It’s okay to share your personal stories online.


Sending Virtual Hug...

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