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How to Navigate the DMW Online Services Portal

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

This article is a simple guide on accessing and getting familiar with the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) Online Services Portal.

dmw online services portal

You only need to submit scanned copies of the required documents online during this process. Once you complete the procedure, you will also need to show the original documents at DMW (formerly POEA) during your in-person appointment with them.

You will see the following webpage, where there are different features you can navigate, such as:

e-Registration - to create your account and submit or process your DMW - OEC documents

DMW Helpdesk - this is where you can file your concerns or ask questions to DMW

Online Job Fair - to check ongoing and upcoming job fairs and submit your application

Appointment - this is where you can schedule an appointment at the POEA Central Office

dmw online services portal

2. Login or Register to the Online Services Portal using the e-Registration option.

dmw registration

3. Once logged in, you will see the following page. On the left side, you can update your details, such as your Profile, Education, and Experience, and upload the required Documents.

The My Resume tab will show you the summary of all the details you've entered, and you can also print it out.

dmw dashboard

4. On the right side, you will find My Links. If applying for the OEC, click on the Direct Hire Application.

dmw direct hire application

This page is where you process your OEC application. You can also read the Application Guide for a detailed guide to submit your application. Please read the Reminder on the right side.

dmw direct hire dashboard

You have to upload clear scanned copies of the required documents online. The DMW will then check if you submitted the correct and sufficient requirements. You can also view the status of your application online. If you're exempt, you will get approval from the POEA evaluator to upload your Phase 2 documents.

After uploading your Phase 2 documents, go to My Resume and print a copy of your Worker's Information Sheet. You can also print out your appointment details for the schedule when you visit DMW.

5. If you are a returning OFW or want to go on vacation/holiday in the Philippines, you would need to request OEC again before going back abroad. You can do that using the Balik Mangagawa link in the Online Services Portal.

After completing this online process, you will receive a notification from DMW whether your documents are correct and sufficient. They will also inform you when you can proceed and submit the original documents at the DMW/POEA office.


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