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You have the power to create a more fulfilling life.

Stop chasing.
Start cultivating.

Hi, I'm Liezl!

I’m a Tech enthusiast and a passionate Coach, with a love for arts, travel, and food. My journey is defined by aligning my values with the things that I do.


With a background in Computer Engineering, I bring over 8 years of experience, knowledge, and skills focusing on Cloud Computing.


As a Coach, I’ve had the privilege to work with professionals who are enthusiastic about developing themselves and getting out of their comfort zone.


When I’m not working, you’ll often find me painting, writing, reading, cooking, or listening to music. My hobbies not only add balance to my life but also fuel my creativity and zest to contribute to other people’s lives.


Through my work, I aim to help other people discover who they truly are, overcome self-doubts, be more confident, design their envisioned lives, and take action toward achieving their goals.


Join me on this voyage, and together, let’s embark on a path of being successful and living a fulfilling life.

2022-05-20-sentia-amsterdam0491 (1).jpg
Image by Felix Kayser

What would it be like to have someone beside you when you thought no one was there for you,

who believes in you when you start doubting yourself,

who sees the best in you when you think you’re not worthy or not enough,

who encourages you when you feel like giving up,

who guides you when you don’t know which way to go in life,

who doesn’t judge when you’re vulnerable.

Imagine what you could achieve with that support!

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