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Redefining What’s Important to Me

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

redefining what's important to me

It's been a while since I last published a blog post on my website. For several months, I've wondered what value I can contribute to other people's lives. I often had doubts that my writing skill needed to be improved and that people would not be interested in what I was going to say. I was worried that the things I wanted to share with others didn't make sense, and many other negative thoughts were swirling in my head.

I've been thinking about my niche, my tagline, and what's interesting in me that I can share; so many questions are stuck in my head. But because of thinking so much, I could not follow the schedule I set on when to write, edit and publish a blog post. I have so many ideas, but I couldn't expound them. I have several drafts that I still need to finish.

I gave myself time to internalize who I truly am and what's important to me. These were things that I discovered several months back with the help of a coach training program. I got reluctant along the way until I found what was holding me back from doing what I wanted. Now, I'm taking authentic action to keep going.

I express my thoughts clearly through writing. I have ideas that can help others. I love it when I'm having deep conversations with friends or other people and learning from them. Now, I want to share those insights because they can influence other people's lives in one way or another.

I know there will be moments that I'll have doubts or worries, but I have the power to choose to do what's important to me, to do the things that make me happy.

I am creative, determined, and hardworking, so I want to incorporate that when sharing my thoughts or feelings through my blog posts. I will do it because I know the result will make me feel fulfilled. I will be happy to let those ideas out. Even if just one person reads them, I'll still feel honored to contribute to someone's life.

I want to shift my focus on what matters to me instead of listening to self-doubts and worries that don't bring value to my life. I know myself more than anybody else, so I can excel in what I want to do, and that's what I want to see.

I used the phrase "discover your full potential from within" when I started a small group or community that promotes self-care and self-awareness. Now, I realize that it's something that I want to stick to.

When I got to know myself more, a phrase came out: "Stop chasing. Start cultivating." I love the idea behind it. It means that we should stop chasing the things that are not giving value to our lives. Instead, we should start cultivating the authentic qualities we have from within ourselves. When we do that, we can align those qualities and values to our purpose and the things we do.

This piece reveals my journey toward self-discovery. It's a beautiful journey with ups and downs. Yet, it entails a powerful message that we have the answers to our questions and know what we want and can do to achieve them. All the answers lie deep inside us. We don't have to overanalyze the why's in our lives. We have to see and look at what it is.

With this, I want to welcome you all into my life. I'm a transparent bubble, and you can see through me.

I am willing to be courageous, empowering, open, truthful, and vulnerable.


Sending Virtual Hug...

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