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Personal Projects

Welcome to my personal projects page! I am thrilled to share with you some of the most meaningful and exciting projects I have worked on. These projects showcase my passions, skills, and creativity and represent a significant part of my identity. Whether you are here to gain inspiration and support or to get to know me better, I hope you find what you are looking for. Let's dive in and discover my projects together!


01 \ Lzl Art (Artworks)

Making arts has become one of my gateways to stay in the present and keep my focus. I have always been an artist since I was a little kid. Now, I'm painting more because I love how colours can bring life to the images that I imagine in my head. It gives me tranquility whenever I'm looking at my finished arts. 

Check out my art works on Instagram: @lzl_art

02 \ We Love Life PH

I started this small community to promote self-care and awareness. It aims to be a support group and a safe environment where we could tackle topics like self-awareness, life visions, adulting, personal development and career growth. I want to help others discover their full potential by starting discovering themselves from within.

Follow us on Instagram: @welovelifeph

welovelifeph-logo1 (2).png
Image by Álvaro Serrano

03 \ Poetry

I write stories through poems. Literature has always fascinated me because it gives another meaning to spoken words. It helps me look on the other side of the door and bring myself to a different world. I like the idea of other people interpreting my poems based on how they perceive themselves.

You can check them out here.

04 \ Photography

I recently started learning photography. I would go on photowalks during weekends, at the same time visit a new place for a city tour. I like taking nice pictures and capturing moments. I like nature photography and cityscapes.

Follow me on Instagram:


Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

05 \ Tech Webinars

We invite speakers to talk about different topics related to Information and Communications Technology. We do the webinars hybrid, both online and in-person. This is open for both students and professionals who are interested in technology. The goal is to be able to share knowledge to other people who are into technology.

06 \ Give Back Program

The Give Back Program is a project that's initiated to provide financial assistance to students to help them with their school needs.

Image by Austin Kehmeier
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