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How Life Coaching Helped Me Transform Myself and Support Others

How life coaching helped me transform myself and support others

It was the year 2020. I had several things planned out; I had booked flights to travel with friends; I had a job offer in the Netherlands and was processing my papers. But all of a sudden, the news about the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread, people started getting sick, and people were dying because of the coronavirus disease. Most countries closed their borders, lockdowns were implemented, people were getting paranoid, and uncertainties arose. Every day, news and talks revolve around the pandemic.

At that time, I also started feeling anxious and frightened. I was scared to get sick. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to move abroad. I was disappointed that my travel plans got canceled.

When anxiety started creeping into me, I realized that unpredictable situations like the pandemic could significantly alter our goals even if we had everything planned out. Slowly, day by day, I was losing hope about being able to live and work outside the Philippines.

Then I started to shift my focus on what I currently have. I still have a good job and am earning well. I reminded myself how grateful I am for the good things in my life. My family stayed safe and healthy throughout the pandemic.

After several months, the healthcare industry and the government slowly found ways to mitigate the situation. Countries started to lift the lockdown, and offices began reopening. It's not a resolution yet, but people could move around and go out again, even if there's still the chance of getting the disease.

Eventually, I completed processing my documents and finally moved to the Netherlands. It was a very long wait, but it was worth it.

But then, it was a significant change in my life. The way of living, the culture, the weather, the food, the people, and the cost of living.

At some point, I broke down. I got depressed because of several factors that I had to deal with all at the same time. I would cry every night. I didn't have anyone to run to. I felt alone. And I wanted to go back home.

I felt like I didn't know myself at all. Insecurities, fears, doubts, and worries enveloped me. There were also feelings of hurt, mistrust, and betrayal.

Luckily, I met some people who helped me slowly open up about the things that I experienced. I found friends who became my support group, listened to my stories, and understood me. I also started working on self-awareness and self-care. Emphasizing work-life balance has been helpful for me in discovering the things that I'm passionate about.

I integrated meditation and yoga practice into my daily routine, which helped me be mindful of my body, mind, and soul. Being present was powerful enough to keep my thoughts and feelings in place.

In 2022, I decided to focus on myself and my well-being more. I went on therapy first because I wanted to heal from the past traumas that I experienced. It was helpful because it allowed me to open up about the things hurting me, but I couldn't share them with others. It felt safe to have someone who listened and understood the situation I've been through. I slowly felt at ease and did not dwell on the past so much anymore.

While in therapy, I also looked into the idea of life coaching. I found an academy where I attended training that mainly focused on ontology. In metaphysics definition, ontology is the philosophical study of being and its related concepts such as existence, becoming, and reality.

The courses were life-changing. I discovered the authentic qualities I already possess and learned how to bring them out. I remember doubting myself a lot at first, and after the training, I became more confident about who I truly am.

I set goals again and felt excited to have something to look forward to. I didn't feel so alone anymore. I felt supported. I could explore the things I like and don't like to do. I practiced self-care more. I worked on learning new skills and figuring out what makes me happy.

I saw immense growth in my personal development because of coaching. I started dealing with different happenstances in my life with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. Coaching helped me clarify my life's intentions, design my goals, and take action because I know I'm in a safe and supportive environment.

I learned to observe my thoughts and feelings but not succumb to them. I made proper and just decisions based on who I truly am, where my values align, and what I care about.

Looking back at my 2022 vision board, I achieved most of my goals, some of which are ongoing. I experienced some setbacks, but I also learned how to overcome them. I managed to bring forth my visions into reality. I'm genuinely grateful and happy for believing in myself and having a sound support system.

I gained more confidence to show my authentic self. It's becoming easier to say what I'm thinking and feeling. I also have integrity and qualities that help me stay centered, which is helpful when I have self-doubts.

It has become easier for me to be consistent when developing new habits. The scarcity thoughts, like feeling that I'm not worthy or not enough, are more manageable now. Being paranoid about what others would think about me is getting subdued. Finding myself making excuses when I'm not doing what I said I would do are more apparent now. As I observe what's going on in my mind, I learn to shift my focus to what matters to me and take action to make my goals a reality.

But it is important to note that coaching is not psychotherapy and should not be used as a substitute for therapy or counseling sessions. A coach is not a legal counselor, medical person, therapist, physical trainer, or financial advisor.

When I realized the impact coaching could have on others, I decided to be trained as a coach too. I wanted to contribute to other people's lives, support them in achieving their goals, guide them in looking at the things that are holding them back from showing up their true selves, help them feel empowered to overcome the obstacles they're facing, and let them feel great about themselves.

As the Academy for Coaching Excellence would define it, a coach is someone who helps you:

  • See the specific contributions you are here to make.

  • Look at your life from the viewpoint of a hero's journey.

  • Discover what's most meaningful for you to engage with.

  • Identify your core strengths and values.

  • Create goals that come alive with purpose and excitement.

  • Reach your goals with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

I see people positively, and I like seeing them shine bright. I like giving people a safe space where they can show and share what they're experiencing without feeling that they are being judged. I'm always learning from other people's experiences too.

I've been practicing coaching for a while now, and supporting others feels enjoyable and rewarding. I'm happy that there's a way for me to get to know people more and build relationships and connections with them. It's nice to see that they're comfortable in my presence.

It's great to feel supported. If you have visions and dreams but are experiencing challenges, feel free to reach out to someone who could help you. It can be scary and uncomfortable initially, but it will be fulfilling along the way. Isn't it more interesting to shift your focus to the things that are important to you and give you energy?

Think about your visions, purpose, dreams, and goals. How important are they to you? What challenges are you experiencing? Are you open to having someone support you? We can talk about it.

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